Cluster Foster Care

Behind this successful organisation, is a dedicated visionary and the driver of this big vision, followed by men and women who try their level best to carry the vision forward with and alongside him.  Before I report on the Cluster Foster Care, I would like to appreciate Pastors’ Ronnie and Shirley Naidoo, for their selfless input to the Department, even when we feel like quitting, your passion for humanity pulls us back and for this we are truly grateful.

Once again, it gives me joy to report on the Haven of Rest Cluster Foster Care Scheme; it’s progress, it’s challenges, it’s successes and more over it’s aims and objectives as it is written in the Haven of Rest Constitution.

For the past 19 years, the Haven of Rest Cluster Foster Care Scheme have been tested and tried and yet came out strong.  We thank God and the visionary Dr Ronnie Naidoo for encouragement and support over the years.  We have seen children grow from babies to young adults, we have seen them finish matric and graduate from universities, we have unfortunately lost some through death and we yet rejoicingly we have even seen some of them walk down the aisle as they were married and more excitedly we have seen this come full circle as the they who grew up in our care are now mothers to their very own children. Indeed the Haven of Rest Cluster Foster Care is one of it’s kind!                  

  • In the past two years, three children have been reunited with their respective families and they are doing well.
  • In December 2017, four siblings ages ten, six, four and two were placed in our care. On admission, the children could not read, write or even speak a single word of English, but today three of them are excelling in school. The eldest child who is in grade 3 won a spelling B competition in school.
  • In October 2017, we admitted a one day old baby who was abandoned at Tongaat Clinic. He is now a two year old strong and a healthy boy.
  • We have two learners currently in matric, and have applied to different universities, to pursue careers in Teaching, Travel and Tourism.



The Haven of Rest Cluster Foster Care also keep in contact with the children who have been reunited with their families. To mention a few, Khaye Gwala is currently pursuing her degree in Consumer Science, Netisha Beharie is in the process of obtaining a Teaching Degree, Sherwin Beharie is in Grade 11 and Ntando Mdladla is in grade 9.


• To meet the developmental needs of the children
• To meet the therapeutic needs of the children
• To meet the recreational needs of the children
• To network with other role players
• To facilitate the development and training of personnel working with children
• To provide after care
• Psychological/psychiatric
• Psycho-social support
• Individual counselling
• Group counselling
• Trauma counselling
• Behaviour modification
• Grief/bereavement counselling
• Commercial sexual exploitation and child trafficking
• Support group for terminally
ill- Community Care Projects Trust.
• Provision of early childhood development
• Provision of therapeutic services 24 hour physical care for the children
• Cultural needs and activities
• Life skills
• Victim empowerment programmes
• Promoting children’s rights
• Family therapy includes reunification services
• Disengagement programme
• Arts
• Singing
• Drama
• Board games
• Field Trips


Due to the nature of the work done by foster parents and care workers’: empowerment trainings and workshops’ are essential and therefore these trainings and empowerment programmes were organized for them.

  • Empowerment for Foster parents- Tongaat Child Welfare
  • Foster Care and Parenting Programme- Tongaat Child Welfare
  • Mental Illness- Durban and Coastal Mental Health Society
  • Child Trafficking- DSD
  • Effects of child abuse- Tongaat Child Welfare
  • Domestic violence and Womens’ day dialogue- Durban Mental Health

The Haven of Rest children are blessed with many talents, from dancing, singing, composing their own songs, soccer, netball, playing musical instruments etc. We see them excel in these areas.

• Sports day at Currysfontein Stadium
• Ushaka Marine World
• Movies- NuMetro
• Participation at Tonver Games
• Beach Walks and lunches with Pastor Ronnie
• IBV Children’s Day- ICC DURBAN
• Child protection week- social worker
• Teen peer pressure- social worker
• Good touch/ bad touch- social worker
• Motivational talk on good behaviour- Tongaat Library
• Modelling, building self-esteem and confidence- Tongaat Library
• Modern routine, dance and singing- Tongaat Library
• Discussion with teenagers on adolescence- social worker
• Psychology student- belonging
• Anger Management- social worker  


We wish to place on record our sincere thanks and appreciation to our dedicated staff, some of whom are at the Haven of Rest since its inception in 2001. Their dedication and loyalty has been remarkable. They are a source of strength and comfort to the children, they always put the Haven of Rest children first before their own children and for this we say, THANK YOU! We also want to applaud our Father and CEOs, Dr Ronnie and Pastor Shirley Naidoo for their honourable, transparent and unquestionable leadership. May your legacy live on.

Thank you to our committee members, Rose Gengan, Ishara Naidoo, Thandi Mkhabela and Pamela Pillay for all their guidance, input and contributions toward the children.

Last but not least we want to say thank you to all our volunteers, student social workers from UNISA, Medical students from UKZN and many individuals who come on a regular basis to spend time with the children and give them love and attention. Thank you to all our sponsors who have stood with us for all these years. We appreciate your support.

Pastor Sylvinah Basi