Resource & Distribution Centre

On a daily basis:

  • We give out 4 to 5 hampers
  • Clothing to the needy and poor; because freely we receive and freely we give
  • 30 school lunches are made by the care mothers for our kids’ 
  • 360 meals are prepared and served which consist of breakfast, lunch and supper

Distribution of food, clothing, hampers administered:

  • Pastor Thembe- AFM Hambanathi and other residents in the surrounding areas
  • Pastor Mandla Zikhali- Luganda Worship Centre
  • Annette- Seatides
  • Thokozila Old Age Home- Emona
  • Patrick John Ministry- Mozambique
  • Mozambique Flood Relief- via Pastor Speedy
  • Malawi Flood Relief
  • Becimo Phumlazi- Community Project
  • Rest of Hope Home

A very big thank you to all our donors that sponsor food, vegetables and groceries over the weekends and on a monthly basis.

Lalitha Mangroo