Frail Care – Hands of Compassion

There was a pressing need for the opening of this wing for frail patients and it has been the vision and desire of Pastor Ronnie Naidoo to fulfil this need.  Frail care is our main focus as we are dealing with helpless patients, therefore we termed this wing: “Hands of Compassion”.

We opened our frail care with 3 female patients who were completely bedridden and we now have a total 10 patients.

Here are a few case studies and their recovery processes:

• An 85 year old female with a total hip replacement. Due to her age, her prognosis was not good. Mobility was difficult, but through love, hard work and dedication, she is now walking and surprisingly not on any chronic medication.

• A 60 year old female patient who suffered from a stroke, she is now feeding and bathing herself, though walking is still difficult. 

• A 70 year old female Dementia/Stroke patient with weakness of the lower limbs.  We have now removed the nasal gastric tube and she is feeding herself.

Our frail care has a full time staff of 5 nurses, working both day and night shifts.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the visionary Pastor Ronnie Naidoo for pursuing and ensuring that this wing was opened and operational this year.  I also want to thank the excellent Nursing and Volunteer Staff for their hard work and labour of love without you we wouldn’t be able to run this wing as smoothly as we do. Thank you to Claudia Walter – Administration.

Nomsa Gule

Medical Director