The Hospice Centre is in existence from 2004.  We cater for patients that suffer various medical conditions that range from paralysis, epilepsy, amnesia, insomnia, arthritis, asthma, anxiety, depression, stress, etc.

Currently there are 12 male patients that are in the care of our medical staff and care givers. We encourage the men to live a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, ensuring that they are comfortable in the Department.

Whilst some patients have contact with their families, some patients choose not to interact with their families. Often the Haven of Rest had to undertake the responsibility of burying patients.

Renovations at the Hospice have now begun; painting, tiling and fixing the ablution facilities with new toilets and showers. 

We welcome any input or contribution towards the maintenance of the Department.

I want to thank Pastors’ Ronnie and Shirley Naidoo for ensuring that the renovations were made possible and also for their constant input.

June Govender